Term 3 Week 2

Dear Foundation families,

What a fabulous celebration we had on our 100 days at school last Friday. Thank you for the time and effort you made with the children’s outfits. We were so impressed with how they looked! It was wonderful to see so many parents and friends attend the many activities organised.

Please keep reading each night. The conversations you have about the content as well as the character’s feelings are important. These experiences develop rich vocabulary and aid in your child’s comprehension of the events of the story. Also practise the words sent home each week. The impact this has on your child’s learning is significant.

We are exploring Baptism with the children through our Religion and Inquiry lessons. It would be wonderful if you could speak with your child about their Baptism or that of a family member or friend.

Concert practise is underway. The children are busy practising their dance moves with much enthusiasm. We will communicate with you about what to organise for their costumes soon.

God bless and enjoy your weekends,

Rob, Lauren and Camille

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Prayers and Pjs and Orange Sky visit

As a team we would like to thank you again for braving the cold to come to our Prayers in Pjs night. It was fabulous to see the children so enthusiastic and enjoying the three activities we had prepared. The donations made will be greatly appreciated by St Vincent De Paul and collected by the end of the term.

In light of our topic ‘Our Community’ the children have been exploring the members of Jesus’ community. Our children will come to realise that they too are disciples of Jesus. A disciple is a person who serve others. We asked particular ‘disciples’ to come and tell us how they serve others in our community.

As a part of our learning we organised Orange sky to visit on the 26th June. Orange Sky Laundry is the world’s first free mobile laundry service for the homeless. Starting in the streets of Brisbane, Orange Sky has now grown to 11 services across Australia in Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide, SE Melbourne, Wollongong and Hobart. Orange Sky Laundry now does over 6.9 tonnes of laundry every week.

However most importantly, has over 1,300 hours of positive and genuine conversations every week. To be a disciple of Jesus, the children will learn that talking with others is a way to ‘serve’ our community.

On the visit, the volunteers will show the children the van they use in order to assist the homeless to wash their clothes for free. In each van there are two washing machines and two dryers.

On the last day of term, the SRC will be fundraising for this organisation. This is a fabulous idea and our Foundation children will be able to make connections with their learning with this event.

The children are to wear casual clothes and bring a gold coin donation. Activities such as Balloon Pop, Coloured hair spray (at recess), Just Dance! (at lunch) are all 50 cent.

How many lollies in the jar?   50c a guess and 3 for $1.

Zooper Doopers are $1 for a full and 50c for half.

God bless and have a wonderful week.

The Foundation Team

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Dingley Village Community Walk

Hello Foundation Families,

In line with our current Inquiry unit in which we are learning about communities, the Foundation children will be undertaking a local walking excursion around Dingley Village to investigate the buildings and services in our community.

The proposed date for the excursion is Wednesday 31st May between 11:40 and 1:30pm.

Please note that we require no additional changes to routine for snacks or lunches, as we will be on school premises at this time.
Please pack a raincoat on this day, as if it is lightly drizzling the walk will still go ahead.

If there are any parents available, who currently have a Working with Children Check lodged at the office, please let your classroom teacher know. We need approximately 2 additional adults per class group. Unfortunately, we cannot have toddlers accompanying the children on this particularly learning experience.

In order for your child to participate in this experience we require all parents to provide permission via CareMonkey.

With warm regards,
The Foundation Teachers

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Can you believe it is May already?

We have been busy learners!

The children are learning about the helpers within our community. As you know we had visitors from the Fire fighters at Springvale and Paramedics from Mordialloc branch. The children are continuing to discover about other helpers in our community. We are also making connections with what we know about our community and people within Jesus’ community.

Meditation has changed slightly with the introduction of prayerful singing. It has been lovely to hear the children learning to sing the Our Father. As we learn new songs they too shall be introduced. Please join in with us!

The annual Mothers’ Day stall is on Friday morning. The children will be given time to go and select something for their gorgeous Mums. Please remember to have you child bring along a purse or wallet to place their money in. A picture of what they would like to buy would be of great help for them too.

Remember to hand in the money and tickets to the office for the Mother’s Day raffle ASAP.

The nurse envelopes have been sent home. Be sure to be prompt in filling them in and returning them to your classroom teacher. This is very important. Your teacher will be recording that they have been returned.

God bless and have a wonderful week.

The Foundation Team

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What’s Happening in the Foundation Learning Area

Hello Fantastic Foundations,

In our Learning Areas we have started Reading Groups, which means our Reader with our Word Journal and Diary in it need to be here EVERY DAY!

Image result for readers clipart

Also we are no borrowing books from the Library on Fridays now so we need to make sure our books are returned every Thursday in order for us to borrow again.

We look forward to a busy and exciting term,
Foundation Teachers.

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Friendly Helpers in our Community

This term the Foundation children will be expanding their geography, history and civic’s and citizenship understandings through investigating their concept of community. To get started, we were lucky to be visited by the Ambulance and Fire Trucks as a way to get us excited to identify helpers in our community that are crucial to our safety.

Please enjoy our slideshows of the photos we took on the day, we had a fantastic time sharing our ideas to write the captions and we hope you enjoy them.

With the biggest of thanks to the parents in our level (Firefighters Steve and Kylie and Paramedic Luke) who assisted us greatly in organising the emergency vehicle visits!The students were thoroughly engaged and are greatly looking forward to learning many new ideas about our community.

Please note: We are still waiting on a small number of ICT permission forms so please promptly complete on Care Monkey if you hve not done so already!

Kind regards,
Foundation Teachers

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Term One has come to an end.

As we come to the end of term, it is obvious how much the children have developed into their own independent person. How amazing! It has been so wonderful to learn about the children: their family, interests and personalities.

Over the holidays enjoy talking with your child. Continue to encourage them to play and explore. Playing games such as monopoly or memory using cards are good to encourage turn taking and strategy.

Day trips will aid your child’s vocabulary. A day at the beach discovering the rock pools with its many creatures can inspire them to draw about their experience or research on the internet. Cooking and playing in the garden are also fabulous experiences too.

Take lots of photographs to initiate discussions with your child. Taking if further, it would be good to write these experiences down together.

We hope you have a safe holiday filled with wonderful family moments. We look forward to seeing you in term 2.

God bless,

Lauren, Rob and Camille

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Term 1 Adventures

Fabulous Foundation Families,

ただいま! (Ta-da-i-ma)
“I’m back!”

Words cannot express how excited I am to have returned to the thriving,friendly, bustling learning community that is our wonderful St Mark’s Catholic Primary School! I was overwhelmed with the students, staff and families taking the time to warmly welcome me home and, for those who know me, I didn’t take long to hit the ground running in setting my own goals for the learning year ahead. The experiences I had as a learner in Japan were challenging yet affirming and certainly drew on our ethos of having a Growth Mindset to be a dynamic learner.

But first, a few important items to address.

A huge and heartfelt welcome to our bubbly Mrs Barker for transitioning Foundation K on my behalf, the children were very settled and familiar with all of the necessary routines and I was so excited to join them on their learning journey.Thanks again Mrs Barker, you will be VERY missed.

This aside, we cannot forget to mention the diligent efforts put in by the Foundation team, Mr Mirabella and the newly welcomed Ms Allenby. The tireless work put in at the end of 2016 is just as critical and a huge contributor to the success in the children and families adjusting so smoothly, I am so pleased to be flanked by two outstanding educators as we embark on the next stage of learning together, as both teachers and learners ourselves.

In closing, with the term almost drawing to an end it is the time we continue to assess the students’ current understandings and look forward to differentiating learning opportunities. With this in mind, we welcome the use of a partnership approach in working with each of the student’s and their individual needs. Please do not feel at all alarmed if your child’s teacher requests a small amount of time to conference with you about manageable tasks you can be doing at home in order to assist your child within their school environment. Aside from this the fabulous website which was introduced at transition sessions, www.learningpotential.edu.au continues to offer a treasure trove of activities to implement in an informal and relaxed fashion at home.

In general, each child has their individual High Frequency Word list in their reading journal. These words are PIVOTAL to their reading development so please ensure you are providing your child enough opportunities to practise the list of words in a variety of ways and orders, as they need to be memorized in no specific order for them to be considered mastered.

You may find your child is still unfamiliar with the concept of a “word” so generalized conversation about letters, sounds and words being constructed from letters can help consolidate classroom ideas. It shifts the students from “spelling out” the letters, and has them change to a meaning based focus on the word- a crucial skill in reading.

With thanks and enthusiasm for a fabulous year,

Mrs Lauren Koziol
Foundation Level Leader and teacher

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Just a reminder that our specialist day “Wacky Wednesday”

starts this coming Wednesday, 8th March.

Students will need to wear their sports uniform and bring their hat and a drink bottle.

Can’t wait!


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Learning how to through a boomerang

This week we were very lucky to have Murrindindi came back to visit us and this time he taught us how to through a boomerang.

img_6162 img_6164 img_6167 img_6169


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