Fun with Science

This term the Preps have continued their focus on scientific writing. We have made predictions, conducted experiments and recorded our results.

In Week 1 we investigated mixing oil and water. We discovered that oil and water do not mix. The liquids separate and the oil floats to the top. When we added dish washing detergent it allowed the oil and water to mix together. This explains why detergent is so effective when washing greasy dishes. It takes the oil and grime off the plates.


In Week 2 we conducted an experiment on raw and boiled eggs. Miss Kate, Mrs Koziol and I were expecting the raw egg to float in the water and the boiled egg to sink but in all three classes both eggs sunk. This was an interesting learning point for the Preps. We wondered ‘why’ our raw egg didn’t float when all of our research said it should. We discovered that the eggs we used (from Mrs Koziol’s chickens) were too fresh.  Maybe you can try this experiment at home and let us know your results.

This week our experiment is called ‘blow up a balloon with yeast’. Stay tuned for our findings.

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