With Heartfelt Thanks…

Recently, you, the parent community, have been demonstrating your generosity time and time again. In this last semester alone, many requests have been made upon you and your families for donations.These requests have ranged from obscure items such as tea, coffee,baby toys and tomato sauce down to classroom essentials such as glue sticks (of which we still need more!!) and monetary donations like our recent Sock It to Poverty drive.

The purpose of this post is to take the time to thank you for your generosity but also to share with you the reasoning behind all that we do and all that we ask.

Something we often forget is that we are in fact, a Catholic school.

We are a Catholic school based upon the Franciscan Charism- a modality that is driven from the evangelical ways, following the Gospel and living the Word of the Lord in our daily lives, remembering the Gospels (of which our name is derived) and acting upon it in the most sincere and genuine form.
With this is mind, we need to shift our perceptions that the school is constantly asking but rather, reaching out to assist the poor and the needy.Taking only that which we need and paying forward all that we don’t.

Tonight, it is a safe assumption to make that if you ask your child what they want to be when they grow up, their answer will not be “alive” as it is for these Jamaican students.
As parents and educators, we need to actively seek time and opportunities to pray, in its various forms, including self-reflection and connection to God’s calling.

By watching this video you will be able to connect with the social justice of our Catholic identity and perhaps, be reminded of the kinds of children we wish to raise to be fair and just individuals that contribute in any way that they can.

Together, let’s Sock It to Poverty!!

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2 Responses to With Heartfelt Thanks…

  1. Noah says:

    We raised money for the kids around the world that need food, eduction and homes.We had to bring a dollar to support them and their families. My mum and dad earn money by going to work. This helps my sister and I because we have a roof to protect us, food when we are hungry, heat when we are cold and we go to a good school to help us get a good eduction. I realise that I am lucky to live in a country like Australia.

    From Noah

  2. Simon (Noah dad) says:

    I think it’s important for the children to be aware how fortunate they are. Children seem to have a lot more things these days with so many choices, yet in poor countries around the world kids have very few choices if any. Hopefully the money raised by the children will help these poorer people with basic needs that we seem to take for granted. I feel that my children are getting to understand how lucky they are, through our teachings at home and school. Maybe one day, most people in the world will have access to basic needs.

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