Read! Read! Read!



We have made great progress in the development of our reading skills in Prep and we hope that this is an activity that we can continue to enjoy together. Below are some refresher tips to keep in mind when reading at home.

Make Connections – Good readers notice pieces of text that they can relate to or reminds them of something.

Visualize – Create a picture in your mind of what you think it might look like.

Ask Questions – Ask questions before, during and after reading to better understand the meaning of the text.

Infer – Read between the lines and look for clues within the text.

Determine Importance – What’s the big idea?

Synthesize – How do I use what I have read to create my own ideas?

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  1. Marlo (Edens mum) says:

    Eden has made fantastic progress in her reading this year at St Marks. She is an avid reader and loves to make the connection with pictures and words. She has also come a long way with sounding out her words which is an important skill. As a literacy helper on Tuesday mornings it amazes me how little 5 and 6 year olds can grasp reading so readily. Their little minds certainly are like sponges!

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