Foundation T – Discovery Walk

On Monday afternoon Foundation T set off for their very first Discovery Walk.  The students identified expected behaviours and various meeting points before going out.  Dion suggested we were like detectives searching for an adventure.  The excitement was audible as we took our magnifying glasses and began looking.  The students identified magic fairy doors, crystal beads and of course bugs.  The students brought their learning back into the classroom and wrote about their experience in the great outdoors.  We look forward to another adventure next week.

Discovery walk Writing


Our Writing

Mia wrote about finding a fairy door.  It was brown like the tree.

Lucas wrote about finding some eggs underneath the fairy tree.

Steven wrote about the diamonds that he found.

Frank thought he saw a fairy wing on the ground.


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3 Responses to Foundation T – Discovery Walk

  1. Julie says:

    Sounds fantastic! Lovely that the fairy door project came together.
    My thanks to the parent involved.
    Can’t wait for the other classes to have their turn.
    It would be helpful for the parents to know on what days the walks are scheduled in order for us to pack raincoats & boots (if the weather looks grey) as requested at the Foundation Info session last term.

    • Mrs Koziol says:

      Hi Julie,

      The walks are scheduled as follows:
      Monday Foundation T
      Tuesday Foundation K
      Wednesday Foundation E

      Unfortunately, due to poor weather on both Tuesday and Wednesday, Foundation K and E were unable to venture out but we will try again next week.

      A reminder that once we have deemed the children’s behavior as suitable, we will invite parents and siblings to come along, please wait for the announcement.

      Mrs Koziol

  2. Julie Kosior says:

    Thanks Lauren. I’ll ensure to pack Joshua’s raincoat on Tuesday and I’ll have my fingers crossed for fine weather.

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