Literacy Helpers Program Commencement


We are very excited to start welcoming our parents into the classroom as literacy helpers in our morning learning block.

We are so greatful to those of you who attended the education session and have subsequently indicated your availability on the sign up sheet.

We are hoping to have finalised a working roster shortly, but will be inviting parents to work in the classroom from Monday 18th May!

As we discussed at the session however, each classroom teacher does things differently and therefore your classroom teacher will approach you as per your indicated times

Two important reminders:

  • ALL parent helpers MUST have a Working with Children Check on file at the office and
  • Toddlers are unfortunately unable to attend alongside parents when they are volunteering (However are encouraged to join in on our Discovery Walks- more info to come!)

With thanks for everyone who is able to assist or has offered to help at home with our exhaustive list of laminating, cutting, preparing resources and the likes. Together we are definitely capable of achieving more and the children will reap the benefits of observing the partnership between themselves as a learner, their parents as a teacher and the school as a place of learning and growing.



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