Walk Safely To School Day

Today, May 22nd, was National Walk Safely to School Day. Here in Foundation we were so pleased to have a large number of children travel to school in an active way- CONGRATULATIONS!!!

For the second year in a row, Mrs Koziol met many of the St Mark’s students from F-6 to join them in walking safely to school. As she doesn’t often travel that way, we headed off on the wrong side of the path, as many children and parents had already gathered nice and early out the front of the shops. We soon realised our error (as a result of student to teacher feedback!!) and got back on track!

On our journey we discussed the important aspects of road safety, from the obvious to the not so obvious. These points included:

  • Looking left, right and left again before crossing
  • Using a multitude of senses- looking and listening are both important
  • Not attempting to cross the street on corners where cars can quickly come out of nowhere
  • Not crossing from between parked cars (when avoidable)
  • Walking at a safe pace and always on the path, to make sure we don’t trip onto the road
  • Never make the assumption that a car has seen you- always be cautious and vigilant and wait for them to come to a complete stop before stepping onto the road
  • Be sensible- we need to move safely across the road, if there is only a small gap in traffic you may need to wait a little longer to make sure you get across safely
  • Do not walk and text/sms etc. as this shifts our focus
  • Stranger Danger- when walking to school we do not interact with strangers or people moving slowly and suspiciously in vehicles.

When we arrived at school, the Foundation children took the opportunity to discuss data and pictorial representations. We graphed our results in order to make a comparison. This was the outcome:

3rd Place- Foundation T



Walk- 3 children

Ride- 2 children

Car- 9 children

Total: 14 children, 36% travelled in an active way

2nd Place- Foundation E


Walk- 6 children

Ride- 5 children

Car- 7 children

Total:  18 children, 61% travelled in an active way

1st Place- Foundation K


Walk- 12 children

Ride- 2 children

Car- 4 children

Total:  18 children, 77% travelled in an active way

As a year level 60% of children travelled to school in an active manner. This effort is wonderful and we hope it continues on every Wheely Wednesday, not just special days like today.

With thanks to our hard-working P.E teacher Mr Snell for organising events like these to help us become more aware of the importance of road safety and arriving alive. Also, to the parents who adjusted work calendars and the lies to prioritise this event, we sincerely thank you  for your participation.

Please enjoy our slideshow of some happy snaps and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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  1. Julie Kosior says:

    We had a fun walk to school. It was very cute seeing the Foundation K kids holding hands and walking together.

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