Writing to Describe

This term the Foundation students have been focusing on descriptive writing. In our class discussions, we have been building up a bank of adjectives to use in our writing. We have learnt that adjectives are important because they make our writing more interesting to read.

Last week we put on our ‘adjective detective’ hats and found all the descriptive words in the book ‘Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley’. We completed a Venn Diagram comparing the two characters.


Then the Foundation students used this information to write a short descriptive piece.

Kira wrote:


Alexandra wrote:


Our challenge for the Foundation students this week is to complete a Venn Diagram comparing themselves and a friend. At home, to assist with this task, you may like to brainstorm words that describe both your child and some of their friends. Discuss which characteristics they share with their friends and which attributes make them unique and amazing.

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  1. Julie Kosior says:

    Thanks for sharing what will be happening in the class this week.

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