Delayed: Foundation K Easter Bonnet Parade

Hello lovely families,

With sincere apologies I am uploading the slideshow from our Easter Bonnet Parade on our last day of Term 1!

Please enjoy the slideshow. This was our first time (since I have been teaching Foundation at St Mark’s) hosting an Easter Bonnet Parade and if you have any feedback on how the event was managed, the timeline for the bonnet production etc. please do comment and pass forward your ideas in order to improve future Easter Bonnet Parades.

“Hoppy” returns,

Mrs Koziol

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2 Responses to Delayed: Foundation K Easter Bonnet Parade

  1. lachie says:

    Hi Foundation Students,

    I am Lachie from 1/2E. I like the movies that you have done and you are good at doing that. Keep it up.

    From Lachie

    • foundationteachers says:

      Hi Lachie,

      Thank you for visiting our blog. We are making some slideshows to showcase our learning so that our families can see what we are doing. Look how clever you are for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. Mrs Koziol

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