Term One has come to an end.

As we come to the end of term, it is obvious how much the children have developed into their own independent person. How amazing! It has been so wonderful to learn about the children: their family, interests and personalities.

Over the holidays enjoy talking with your child. Continue to encourage them to play and explore. Playing games such as monopoly or memory using cards are good to encourage turn taking and strategy.

Day trips will aid your child’s vocabulary. A day at the beach discovering the rock pools with its many creatures can inspire them to draw about their experience or research on the internet. Cooking and playing in the garden are also fabulous experiences too.

Take lots of photographs to initiate discussions with your child. Taking if further, it would be good to write these experiences down together.

We hope you have a safe holiday filled with wonderful family moments. We look forward to seeing you in term 2.

God bless,

Lauren, Rob and Camille

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