Friendly Helpers in our Community

This term the Foundation children will be expanding their geography, history and civic’s and citizenship understandings through investigating their concept of community. To get started, we were lucky to be visited by the Ambulance and Fire Trucks as a way to get us excited to identify helpers in our community that are crucial to our safety.

Please enjoy our slideshows of the photos we took on the day, we had a fantastic time sharing our ideas to write the captions and we hope you enjoy them.

With the biggest of thanks to the parents in our level (Firefighters Steve and Kylie and Paramedic Luke) who assisted us greatly in organising the emergency vehicle visits!The students were thoroughly engaged and are greatly looking forward to learning many new ideas about our community.

Please note: We are still waiting on a small number of ICT permission forms so please promptly complete on Care Monkey if you hve not done so already!

Kind regards,
Foundation Teachers

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