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  1. ruby says:

    hi guys

    I loved the walk to school thing it was so good even I was in there thanks for putting me on your blog because I am a little prep

    love and all wishes ruby in 3/4

  2. david says:

    Hello Preps,
    I am here to say something about your Hairy Harrys. I have seen them growing outside Prep T`s classroom and I want to say that they have been growing massive hairs!!! I also want to say that it is a good place in the sun to grow your Hairy Harrys.

    David 3/4 KR

  3. sam says:

    Hello awesome preps,

    I think you have been doing fantastic technique of your Hairy Harrys. I have seen you them growing in Prep T, they have been looking excellent.

  4. Ruby says:

    Hello new foundation Kids I am Ruby from 3/4C,

    And I am here to talk to talk to you about your first pancake day on tuesday. You guys must be so lucky I also bet it was yum. Our three four level had some pancakes as well but we had our sport.so we hade it at lunchtime.


  5. Crystal says:

    Hi preps, its Crystal
    I am really happy because you are lucky that you can jump on the ropes and you can jump around on the cut trees! I’m looking forward to seeing you!

  6. Joshua says:

    Hi preppies,
    I hope your having a fantastic and wonderful time working with your Prep teachers and having a wonderful time playing with your friends.
    From Joshua

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