Dear Parents,

As part of our inquiry unit ‘Time Changes Everything’ we will be investigating how the students have changed over time. This is just a friendly reminder that we will require 3 photos from home please:

  • 1 photo of your child as a baby
  • 1 photo of your child as a toddler
  • 1 photo of your child now

You are welcome to email these photos to your classroom teacher, or alternately you could provide us with originals (or coloured printed originals) however we can not guarantee the photos will be returned to you in  the same condition as we will be working with them and displaying them.

Could all photos please be at school by Thursday 27th October.

Thank you,
Rob, Kate and Angela

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Reading with our Buddies

Welcome Back Foundations!

Wow! What a Busy first 2 weeks back we’ve had.

Last week we had the chance to read with our Grade 6 Buddies,

Here are some photos of us reading together.

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Today in I.C.T students were given time to practise logging onto Mathletics.

They were also shown which assigned tasks to do.

We strongly recommend you practise logging onto Mathletics at home using your individual log in which is at the front of your yellow reader diary.

Click on the Mathletics logo to get started.



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We braved the wind and the cold and stepped out Monday afternoon on our discovery walk. As you can see from the short clip below we enjoyed our experience demonstrating teamwork, curiousity, and risk taking.

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Art Attack

So far his semester students have been investigting social and emotional learning themes such as co-operation, conflict resolution, using manners to reflect gratitide and developing strategies to help us in dealing with our worries. We have represented these themes in our artwork. IMG_0656 (3)

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100 Days of School Celebrations


We are overflowing with gratitude for the effort the families put into the students’ wonderful 100 year old costumes- they looked adorable!

The purpose of the morning was for us to reflect on our learning journey so far and demonstrate exactly how much we have learned in the first 100 days of our schooling. As we know, school is much, much more than academic success. It encapsulates social skills, reasoning, strengthening our emotional intelligence and resilience as well as developing our understanding of our role as a lifelong learner. All of these attributes, and many more, were on display as the children worked and played as part of their 100 Day stations.

With thanks for the parents that could stay to participate and also assist in packing away equipment.

We look forward to another 100 days of learning!!!

Foundation Teachers

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Police Visit- No Need to Panic!

On Tuesday the Victorian Police Education Team visited St Mark’s Foundation students to help them learn how the police keep us safe in the community.

The police team covered the different branches of the police, they taught us about the special uniform and equipment they use and they discussed the idea of negative consequences as a result of unsafe behaviour e.g. the booze bus, speeding fines,court and jail.

Here are some of the things the children learned and their ideas.

Luke B said “I hope I never go to jail because the beds are uncomfy.”

Brooklyn said “i hope I never go to jail because I would be frightened.”

Oscar said “The police are important to keep us safe.”

Rashi said “The police catch the bad guys so we are safe.”

Oliver said “The police don’t only catch bad guys, they help us when we are sad.”

Overall the Foundation children loved the visit, enjoyed climbing into the police vehicle and listening to the sirens whilst the lights were flashing.

Please enjoy our photos and we apologise if you were alarmed when you came to collect your child on Tuesday!

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“See Think Do”

As part of our Inquiry units and our Religious Education program we are currently looking at those in our community and thinking about our resonsibilities to assist others.
As a result we have brainstormed and developed some fundraising ideas as follows and we ask for your support in helping the students make a difference to the lives of those people less fortunate than ourselves.

1) We will be having a “Sock Puppet’ competition. Entry fee will be one pair of thick winter socks for donation. Puppets will need to be made at home and we encourage all families to get involved. There are many ideas and suggestions available on the internet to assist your creativity should you wish to do some research such as the following link
We request that these puppets be brought into school by the 13th of June. To celebrate our creativity, on this day we will be having a crazy sock day and would like all students to wear their favourite pair of socks, the crazier the better!

2) Food Drive – We would really appreciate it if parents could donate one item of non- perishable food. It would be beneficial if your child could choose this item to make it more personable.

3) Wrist bands – Students will be volunteering their time and making wrist bands with the images/symbols “See-Think-Do” to be sold within the school community to raise money for donation. These wrist bands will be selling at $2.00 and we are hoping that they will be very popular especially as they will be handmade by our beautiful Foundation children.
Once again, we thank you for your ongoing support. We feel that this will be a highly valuable learning opportunity for our students.


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My Community Rules Update- Fire Safe Kids

Hello Families,

In line with our current inquiry unit on our community and the helpers that keep us safe, we recently had 2 visits from the fire truck. The children participated in an educational component designed to help them understand the need for a fire plan, what to do if they find themselves in the presence of danger, who to call and what to say. They also discussed the times that we should contact the fire brigade, which is NOT only when there is a fire as often thought.

To recap:

  • If there is smoke we know to get down low and go! go! go!
  • If our clothes are on fire we need to Stop! Drop! Cover! and Roll to extinguish the fire.
  • If we need the firefighters we need to call 000 and tell them our problem and our address.
  • If the firefighters come to our house we know that we should meet our family at our mailbox to let them do their job.

As carers you can consolidate this knowledge through conversations with your child to ensure they have understood these key messages and know their full name and address.

Naturally, the children enjoyed the opportunity to have a look at the fire truck and the equipment the firefighters wear and use in their every day work. They particularly enjoyed going inside the truck!!



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The World Around Us

During religious education lessons we are learning about God’s special creations.

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